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March 28, 2020

We Have Always Been Ready

Preparedness, Not Panic During Coronavirus We’re living in a time when store

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February 29, 2020

REI Magma 10 Mummy Bag Review

The REI Magma 10 mummy bag arrived at my house fresh from REI’s warehouse in a

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February 23, 2020

Analyzing LIDAR Data to find Grouse Coverts

In our last article we described how LIDAR might change the way we conduct our

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February 9, 2020

New Grouse Coverts the High Tech Way Using LIDAR

Sounds like sci-fi, but using LIDAR to find Grouse Coverts is something that no one

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February 8, 2020

Resolve to Upskill in the Outdoors this Year

Upskilling is a term given to training to improve your skillset. I'm resolving to

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February 8, 2020

Review: Dans Briarproof Briar Game Coat

The Dans Briarproof Briar Coat is the same construction as their classic Upland Game

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Dans Briarproof Upland Game Coat February 7, 2020

Review: Dans Briarproof Upland Game Coat

The Dan's Briarproof Upland Game Coat is a revival of the old school USA-made game

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February 1, 2020

Review: Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filtration System

The Katadyn Hiker Pro is your backwoods high gallon count indestructible water

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Battery Conservation January 31, 2020

Power Conservation in the Field

Power conservation in the field is a real concern with today's technology driven

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Backcountry camp during ptarmigan season 2019. January 26, 2020

Converting From a Car Camper to Backcountry Hunter: Equipment

Becoming a backcountry hunter from a career car camper means shedding ounces and

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