APT Outdoors is the experimentation of one guy on how he can use modern GIS strategies, python scripting, and external data to augment hunting for whitetail and other critters. Using publicly available data and a suite of custom programmed tools, can it really help the way you hunt? This blog follows my journey as I teach myself Python and GIS (using QGIS and ArcGIS) to see if that can help me better manage my hunting experience while being able to geek out and augment my professional life.

I have a thing for all things maps, but I am neither a GIS expert nor am I a cartographer. ¬†However, I do know how whitetail use terrain funnels, so maybe there’s something there? ¬†This blog will have everything from book and gear reviews, to scripts, code, and how-tos. The idea is to modernize and augment one of the worlds oldest ways of obtaining delicious natural food and giving me a little something to do when the weather is nasty outside!

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