Scripts and Downloads

EXIF2KML is a script I wrote in order to take your geo-tagged images and generate a KML file that you can manipulate in Google Earth.  Sure, you could do it manually, but why bother?

Trail KML and GPX Files

Use these downloads to help plan your next hiking or hunting adventure. You can easily import the trails into your favorite GPS app such as OnX, Gaia, Outly, or Basemap. Plan now and have an offline copy of your trail map before you’re out of cell signal. These are also useful to plan larger adventures if you subscribe to Maps for Lunatics.

Much of the data for these downloads is sourced from Forest Service and other USG data clearinghouses for GIS Data.

Maah Daah Hey TrailKML | GPX


Maybe you want to make your own maps ala Maps for Lunatics, maybe you just want to make sure that you are in the right zone where you have tags. I’ve got you with KML files to import into Google Earth to make sure your wandering eyes don’t scout areas you don’t have tags for (this season).

ColoradoKML Zip
NevadaKML Zip

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Last modified: December 29, 2020

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