State Interactive Maps

State Interactive Maps

Want to get away, but have never hunted in the state before?  Have you always suspected there’s another plot of public land just a little farther down the road?  Or are you daydreaming of one day hearing the bugle of an elk call, but right now you can only think of the bugling from the kids down the hall?  Look no further.  I’ve compiled the best interactive maps from all fifty states.  I’m constantly trying to keep this list up to date so that you can plan your hunts from the comfort of your chair.  Some states don’t have interactive maps, or I was unable to find them at the time of this writing.  For those states I’ve linked the more traditional PDF maps or georeferenced pdfs.  Please confirm with the DNR in your hunting area to ensure that the lands are still open to hunting before setting foot out into a new piece of public land.

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MA | MI | MN | MS | MO | MT | NE | NV | NH | NJ
NM | NY | NC | ND | OH | OK | OR | PA | RI | SC
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WMA of AL and MS
Wildlife Management Areas


Alaska Maps Browser


Arizona public land map
Map based on hunter survey results with heatmap!


WMA List



The Colorado Hunting Atlas
KMZ Boundaries for GMUs
More Outdoors Interactive Maps


All Hunting Areas


Update 12/12/2020: Delaware now has a state interactive map broken down by counties here.

List of WMAs by county
Individual PDF Maps


Couldn’t find any interactive maps.
Hunting zones listed

PDF Maps from this landing page


ArcMap link here, but no data to speak of
KMZ Files (Google Earth) available here


Fantastic layering to find specific game animals


Engineered Pursuit — Looks like there’s someone else out there like me who hates wading through tons of pdf links and excel tables of WMAs
Direct Link
Engineered Pursuit Illinois Google Maps


Where to hunt in Indiana


Hunting Atlas


Kansas, you rock. You really embrace online and old school mapping
Fall WIHA Hunting Areas
Spring WIHA Hunting Areas
Garmin and Google Earth compatible KMLs

Overview of hunting areas inside of Google Maps


Not really well integrated, but a good effort.

Interactive ArcGIS Enabled Map… embedded as a frame, for less pixels!
Really interesting feature to search for parks within one gas tank away.  Kind of Interactive, but still have to search by activity


MD DNR Lands



Woo, have to zoom in to make anything make sense, but they invested in their own little app. It takes some getting used to, but there’s a lot of pretty granular information there.


High Resolution LiDar based topo maps? Yes Please!
Recreation Compass with hunting permit areas
Traditional Maps — They list 1400 WMAs. Are you serious?!
Walk In Access Program traditional maps


Traditional Maps only


ArcGIS enabled public lands map
A More traditional “discover places” application
Area Atlas


ArcGIS Map for WMAs
Centralized by species maps
The Hunt Planner application, suffers from being too busy when zoomed out, but it tightens up quickly and looks great.
Traditional Maps including BLM


Public Access Atlas
Public Hunting Areas


Comment: I went to their official website where they claimed interactive mapping was coming online in 2013. Uh….
KML Maps per WMA
Pretty decent site for info, search by activity Hunting

New Hampshire

New Jersey

Seems specific to deer hunting
Intricate map of the zones themselves

New Mexico

New Mexico’s State Land Office has a pretty nice map
They also have the CarryMaps Observer program, which I’ve not had a chance to really look at in depth

New York

SLIM, the State Lands Interactive Mapper
DEC Maps on Google Earth

North Carolina

North Carolina Game Lands Map, selectable by species and facilities
KMZ Files

North Dakota

PLOTS, Private Land Open To Sportsmen Interactive Map
Free Garmin map


DNR Lands through their GIS website
Areas themselves called out with pins, but no species info, just a link to another web page


ArcGIS Web Map, they loaded it with useful information like shooting ranges, boat ramps, WMA boundaries.


Awfully pretty as far as maps go. Choose Hunting or Shooting. The hunting map calls out specific types of game, and is easily filtered.
Looking for a specific type of biome in Oregon to hunt? This map has it.


This is what got me started on this kick, realizing my home state had an awesome interactive map!

Rhode Island

The official page on their DNR webpage 404s. That’s not good. I couldn’t find any interactive map but did find these pdfs:

South Carolina

Public lands interactive map
SCDNR Public Lands Map

South Dakota


ArcGIS Interactive map with boundaries of WMAs, several direct webpages linked when you click an WMA of interest.


Specifically calls out dove and small game hunting leases and WMAs


Utah Hunt Planner
Their hunting search engine by game, weapon type, etc


Comment: I didn’t specifically find an interactive map for hunting…
VT Map Viewer (requires MS Silverlight…)
Fishing access atlas


Their “Find Wildlife” Map
They have an ArcGIS Map that appears to have never been set up?


They have their own GoHunt! Application that looks pretty well thought out. Search by species type, release sites for Pheasant stocking. There’s huge amounts of information here. This is a real standout. Acreage is counted, as is the permission type on Private/Public coops.
If only they did the same thing for fish… OH WAIT, they did.

West Virginia


Public Access Lands


Their maps are broken down by resident and non-resident as well as species. Here is non-res deer.
Here is where you can select other species

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