• Being Politically Active and Outdoor Impact

    March 30, 2019 Comments Off on Being Politically Active and Outdoor Impact Blog Entries

    In recent years there have been a lot of issues relating to wildlife, wilderness with a capital W (federally designated), and public lands in general popping up on Capitol Hill. There’s a large push among GOP operatives to transfer land from the federal government to the states, simultaneously trying to shrink

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  • Cabin Fever

    March 22, 2019 Comments Off on Cabin Fever Blog Entries

    It’s the middle of March as I write this, and our neighborhood outside of Denver just received about ten inches of snow. Avalanche warnings in the backcountry according to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center have been listed as “High” or “Extreme” for weeks now. Especially in many

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  • Luck of the Draw

    March 16, 2019 Comments Off on Luck of the Draw Blog Entries

    This year marks the first year that I’ll be classified as a Colorado resident. Having never hunted the West for big game this is all new to me. I’ve been relatively spoiled in hunting small game this past season in seeing a fair amount of big game while out, but that has been the story …

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  • Hunting Maps for Lunatics: Adding Your Own Data

    March 15, 2019 Comments Off on Hunting Maps for Lunatics: Adding Your Own Data Blog Entries, Maps for Lunatics

    The hunting maps we created in our first article are great, using the shapefiles provided by either the state or federal government to enrich your understanding of the world that surrounds you. The second article took a look at some more esoteric data sources for use in your public land hunting paradise. But what if

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  • Hunting Maps for Lunatics: Using Custom Data Sets

    March 13, 2019 Comments (1) Blog Entries, Maps for Lunatics

    In this article we explore using one of the coolest data sets for the upland hunter, the Cornell eBird Database. The jig is up, I’ve been using the maps for a while now, and when I posted about it on Social Media last year I saw a couple other upland bird hunting personalities, Jorge and …

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  • So I Bought a Suppressor

    March 10, 2019 Comments Off on So I Bought a Suppressor Blog Entries

    Ever since moving from Maryland to Colorado I’d hoped to take advantage of the far more liberal gun laws and enjoy ownership of a cool piece of hardware that would lessen the damage I do to my ears, and perhaps earn me some gun nut cool points. I’m talking of course about a suppressor, a …

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