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APT Outdoors is now on Powderhook!

With all of the news stories cropping up about Instagram, Facebook, and Google cracking down on hunters and anglers I thought it was time to expand our social media presence to a platform specifically designed for us. It was a quick download from the Google Play Store and the interface is relatively intuitive.

The Powderhook profile screen. Come find us at APT_Outdoors!

Powderhook is a digital mentoring platform designed for the age where not everyone has a gaggle of friends who share the same interests. If you do, great, you’ve probably got an awesome group of friends, but as a guy who works in the IT field I find myself often struggling to get my friends to come out and hunt. I’m a social hunter, but also recognize that this is beneficial to R3 (Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation) of hunters. It’s so easy to post away on the Internet from your couch, so why not share your knowledge in the process?

We’re going to try it out and see where it goes, but the app has various interest groups broken down into “Camps” such as the Trout Fishing Camp or the Colorado Camp. I’m a member of about a half dozen or so such camps including the Digital Mentoring, Big Game 101, Upland Hunting, and Wild Game Cooking camps to serve as a mentor and hopefully glean a little information from the posts. The interface takes some getting used to, especially coming from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. APT Outdoors isn’t looking to move off of any of the existing platforms but will instead use this to augment our presence in the increasingly digital hunting, fishing, and outdoors communities.

Sub-communities are broken down into “Camps” for group discussions. You can post and cross-post into multiple camps.

One negative note about Powderhook is that on the phone it sends an awful lot of push notifications, so if you don’t need your phone going off constantly, turn off notifications in your Inbox. That helped, and I just got into the habit of checking it every other day for posts in my camps. I’ll try to be better about cross-posting content there for everyone to read as well.

So what are your thoughts? Are there other platforms out there like Powderhook that have become havens for the outdoor community we’re not aware of?

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Last modified: February 29, 2020