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Review: Dans Briarproof Briar Game Coat

The Dans Briarproof Briar Coat is the same construction as their classic Upland Game Coat but fit for running the gauntlet of brambles and multiflora rose.

The Dan's Briarproof Briar Coat is built like a tank to take the punishment of the grouse coverts.
Dan’s Briarproof Briar Game Coat, image from danshuntinggear.com

Up-Armored Hunting Jacket

Another coat from Dan’s Briarproof, this one is 100% nylon outer construction but the cut is the same as the Upland Game Coat we also have. If for some strange reason you’ve put a hurting on your Upland jacket and you need something even more stout to swim through the briar patches, this is it.

I use it in the late season when snow is stacking up and I still want to get out. Sometimes you just want to stomp on one more bramble patch and the Briar coat ensures you’re not going to come out of the cover with snags in the fabric.

The price point of the coat is about $125 and can be had from Danshuntinggear.com or from several dealers, mostly on the East Coast of the US. It, like most all gear from Dan’s Briarproof is made in the United States in Ohio and sports a little American Flag on one of the button closure pockets.

Since the jacket shares the same design as the other coats from Dan’s Briarproof it suffers the same issue with the game bag not expanding to fit larger animals, so I’d recommend a baffle if you want to get it tailored. It’s more than big enough for a couple of pheasants or grouse though.


There are certain things that I own in my hunting wardrobe that see little use, but when I need them they are there. Snowshoes, Filson Double Tin Pants, and this jacket. When the grouse season goes into the late season and I’m still trying to crush through thornapple, American Barberry, and multiflora rose this is the jacket I go for. It’s easy to overheat in with the nylon and the fleecy cotton inner liner. So if you run hot like I do lightly layer and manage the zipper appropriately for airflow.

I will say that if you hunt colder climates or find yourself eagerly plunging into the spiky bits of cover after a young dog in search of grouse this is your coat. If you’re just looking for a new upland hunting jacket I’d redirect you to their Upland Game Coat for something that will run a little cooler.

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