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FlipFuel Fuel Transfer Switch Review

How many of us that enjoy backpacking and cooking on their backpack stove have half full fuel cannisters littering their gear pile? I for one always try to overpack on fuel, because as much as I love dehydrated biscuits and gravy — I don’t want to have the meal cold. The FlipFuel transfer valve allows you to consolidate your half full fuel cannisters with ease. I was able to take three cannisters from previous trips and dump them into my base camp sized cannister.

The FlipFuel transferring from a half empty smaller cannister to my "base camp" sized bottle.
The FlipFuel transferring from a half empty smaller cannister to my “base camp” sized bottle.

With a little creativity you could also buy the larger, sometimes more cost effective fuel cannisters that crowd the shelf during backpacking season to refill your smaller cannisters! Transferring the fuel is simple. It works by creating a thermal differential between the sending and receiving cannister. Taking the receiving cannister and chilling it, and the sending cannister and heating it allows the fuel to be drawn from warm to cold.

FlipFuel Transfer

The instructions call for taking the receiving fuel cannister and placing it in the freezer for 5 minutes. The sending cannister is placed in the sun for five minutes or more. When the time is up, attach the FlipFuel to the receiving cannister, making sure the valve is fully closed. Then attach the sending cannister upside down. Open the valve, and wait. The fuel is transferred quickly, close off the valve and rejoice.

While the instruction video claims you could have it with you out in the field, I’m not sure I’d bother. If I were through hiking somewhere or between legs of a longer trip, I suppose that would make sense. Otherwise I’ll just keep it at home.

The FlipFuel folds back onto itself for easy storage.
The FlipFuel folds back onto itself for easy storage.
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The FlipFuel can be had directly from their website for $35. While It’s a little steep, it’s basically indestructible. It’s just a hunk of aluminum with a valve and some internal NPT threads. The wire handle folds around the unit saving space in your camp bag. Think of this as a gift worth giving to your backpacking friends.

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