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Gone Huntin’

Well, I suppose I should explain where I’ve been since launching the site.  I decided to to a soft-launch and then just up and disappeared!  When I launched hunting season quickly was approaching, as was the time when I routinely disappear into the woods for an entire month to chase deer, bear, and small game.  This year my bird dog really came into her own, and we crushed it on the pheasant fields of NW Pennsylvania.  She’s really beginning to come into her own, and thanks to my wife for putting in many long hours to train and get her titled for the AKC on hunt tests.

No deer, and no bear though.  After three encounters with two PA mountain monsters, I was unable to seal the deal.  So it’s back to MD where I’ll do a little hunting with my trusty flintlock to help fill the gaps in my already full freezers.  Hopefully now that my season is wrapping, I’ll be posting a little more regularly.

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Last modified: January 18, 2021