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Colorado OTC Rifle Tags Map

Looking to do an Colorado OTC Rifle hunt? I found the GMU maps to be somewhat lackluster on the CPW website, and using the techniques I discuss in the Hunting Maps for Lunatics series I made some of my own for you to check out! These maps are free, as in beer. Use them as you see fit, I just ask that you credit APTOutdoors with a link if you do post them elsewhere. Attached is the OTC Rifle Elk Map, covering 2nd and 3rd rifle season. I’ll be diving into sub sections of the map and detailing some interesting terrain in those sections in coming weeks.

Download our PDF copy of the map here, complete with square mileage and total acreage of each unit in the OTC hunt! We also just finished our Colorado Elk Archery Map downloadable here!


Colorado OTC Rifle Map from APT Outdoors.


Colorado OTC Rifle Map from CPW.

Looking for the regulations book from CPW? Check it out here.

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