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Colorado Turkey Hunting OTC Digital Map

Sick of trying to squint and reference the paper or PDF map for Colorado’s over the counter turkey tags? Going back and forth between OnX and the paper reference can be a huge pain, especially when doing digital map scouting. We took all of the data from the 2021 Colorado Turkey guide and digitized it, so you can scroll during your lunch break this turkey season looking for the perfect field to set up on.

Colorado OTC Turkey Hunting Map from APT Outdoors.

Color coded for public and private land, highlighting the no-go zones. This Colorado OTC turkey map can be your guide for intelligently scouting the map for your next outing. Make those hours in the field count! Check out our new Colorado OTC Turkey Map.

We’ve added the State Wildlife Areas inside the OTC go-zones as well as have taken a pointer from our Colorado Gold Medal Fishing Map and added CPW Camp sites!

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Last modified: May 22, 2021