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Hillsound BTR Camp Chair Review

I’ve been backcountry camping and hunting a bunch, and after last year having my legs and butt go numb from sitting on my bear keg, I decided it was time for something different. A lightweight camp stool that can still hold someone by size (225lbs) and not immediately buckle. I needed something better than a rock. Maybe I’ve just gotten soft, but the Hillsound BTR camp stool literally stands for better than a rock.

The Hillsound BTR in it's natural environment, a good vantage point.
The Hillsound BTR in it’s natural habitat, a good vantage point.

The stool is a tripod with a clasp to hold the seat material together and the pivot closed. When the pivot is closed you can extend the legs, when it’s opened it’s locked in place. That way you’re not constantly falling over. For this same reason you will find it difficult to adjust the legs for uneven ground. The stool comes in two length options, 14″ and 17″ as well as three color accents, Alpenglow, Glacier, and Black. The 14″ option weighs only 12.2oz and carries a load rating of 240lbs.

The bottom of each of the three legs has a plastic load balancing food that keeps it from sinking into all but the soggiest of terrain. One downside I’ve found with the BTR is that all legs must be equally extended and locked. The seat does not sit well on uneven or super sloped terrain. But all it takes is about a foot of even level ground and you have a sturdy glassing or resting perch.

The aircraft grade 7001 aluminum keeps the whole package light while still strong enough to keep me upright. The triangle of fabric that forms the seat can be removed and cleaned in the event of it getting soiled. The entire package folded down and placed seat side down packs extremely well into a side bottle holder pocket on any of my hiking packs. The chair can be had from a variety of retailers such as Amazon from around $60. All of these features combined mean that it’s found a place in my pack on long trips. Hell, it’s better than a rock!

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Last modified: August 13, 2021